Franciscan Joy – Part Two

It was during Franciscan Joy that I met the current coordinators of the youth group from San Jose South San. Throughout these years we have established a very good friendship…

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Proclaiming the Beautiful

Art by the Friars The Franciscans have a deep tradition in the arts. Many of our friars create art in various mediums - textiles, pottery, photography, painting, sculpture, and more.The…

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Franciscan Joy
Conventual Franciscan friars Franck Lino Sokpolie, Pedro Lopez, and Antonio Moualeu

Franciscan Joy

In late Fall 2016, members of our Franciscan families in San Antonio, Texas, began having conversations about collaborating in a common ministry to serve the poor, pray together, and share…

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Finding Peace

Through God's Sense of Humor Friar Vincent Vivian spent 17 years as a missionary in Ghana. It was during this time that he says he discovered God's sense of humor.…

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Our Global Human Family

The San Damiano Friary in San Antonio, Texas, is a house of formation for many of our student friars. On April 23, 2022, a new expansion providing twelve more bedrooms…

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A Discernment Diptych

Panel I: Wounded Men Make the Best Friars My freshmen used to revel in peppering me with religious “what if…” questions.  Centuries before them, medieval theologians reveled in peppering one…

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