The Christocentric View
St. Bonaventure (Painting by Peter Paul Rubens, ca. 1620)

The Christocentric View

Christ at the Center July 15 is the Feast of Saint Bonaventure, one of the great Franciscans. With Saint Anthony of Padua and Blessed John Duns Scotus, Bonaventure is one…

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Where is Justice?

You can listen and read along as Friar Fabian Adderley recites his poem, Where is Justice? Franciscan Voice · Where Is Justice Friar Fabian Adderley was born in Nassau, in…

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Not Freedom from, but Freedom for

For the United States and its citizens, Independence Day is a very significant holiday. Families come together to have dinner, spend time together, watch firework shows, and enjoy each other's…

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Martyr of Honduras

- Friar Casimir Cypher OFM Conv. - On June 25, 1975, Friar Casimir Cypher OFM Conv. drove his borrowed pickup into the city of Juticalpa for repairs. He was unaware…

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Let Us Dream – Part One

Little by Little the Dawn Breaks! Human Child! What do You See? Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future: Part One Friar Charles McCarthy offers some ideas for…

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Friar Field Journal No. 1

One of the wonderful aspects of the city of Oxford, England, is the existence of green spots, both cultivated and uncultivated, where nature really comes into her own. The wildlife…

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