United in Prayer for the Ukraine

United in Prayer for the Ukraine

Conventual Franciscan Federations United in Prayer

The General Delegate for Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC), Friar Michael J. Lasky, invites all of the Conventual Franciscan Federations to pray together for peace in the Ukraine. 

The Conventual Franciscan Custody of the Holy Cross in Ukraine has five friaries in the country. Please join us in prayer for the friars and the people they serve in Ukraine and in the countries that are taking in refugees.

While our brothers in Ukraine remain with their people, and our brothers in different countries are taking in and caring for refugees, we, as sons of St. Francis of Assisi, want to cry out to the Lord with one voice! Let our voice cry out to the Lord in the recitation of Psalm 17: “Hear, Lord, my plea for justice; pay heed to my cry!”

You can read more of Friar Michael’s statement at this link:


United in prayer in the Ukraine

Friar Stanisław Pekala, the Secretary for the Custody of the Holy Cross, reports from the Ukraine on March 3:

A few days after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, no one can remain indifferent. People are dying every day and the country we live in is falling into ruin before our eyes.

On the first day of the invasion by Russian troops, we read Psalm 80 during Midday Prayer. The psalm speaks about the vineyard that the Lord God had planted. We too have asked God: “Why have you broken down its walls? … God of hosts, turn again, look down from heaven and see! Visit this vineyard.” We firmly believe that this difficult experience will strengthen us and bring us closer to God.

Friar Stanisław’s press releases are available on our Order’s website. Here are the links: