The NOW of the Church

The NOW of the Church

Josh Alanis, student at the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP), created a film with young adults sharing their faith life and what it’s like to live in a border community. Friar Mario Serrano, a campus minister at UTEP, participated in the project. Here is an excerpt from the film that highlights the NOW of the Church.

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So, what does a campus ministry team do during a pandemic?

They relied not only on live-streaming Mass and texting through group apps, but even took advantage of “older technology — the phone. The team called more than 400 students on a regular basis, using a guide called “How to Minister Over the Phone” they developed during the pandemic.

The team also launched a new website:

The work of UTEP’s San Romero University Ministry Center was featured in a recent book, Catholic Campus Ministry: Fifteen Profiles in Achievement.