Prayer that Leads to Action
In 2020, The Most Rev. Gregory Hartmayer, then Bishop of Savannah, washed and kissed the feet of parishioners at a Holy Thursday Mass. (Photo from The St. Anthony Companion newsletter of the Province of Our Lady of the Angels, Spring 2020)

Prayer that Leads to Action

A gunman opened fire at an outlet mall in Texas Saturday afternoon, May 6, 2023. The shooting left nine people dead, including the suspect. A few days earlier this May, two deadly mass shootings took place in Georgia. 

The Most Reverend Gregory Hartmayer, Archbishop of Atlanta and a Conventual Franciscan, released a statement on May 4, saying; “Every act of violence makes the world a little bit darker. It can erode our hope and challenge our faith…

“We cannot however, surrender to despair.

“Instead of just offering words in the wake of this incident, I will commit to action. I do not have any concrete answers today, but I will be looking for ways that the church in Atlanta can support efforts to make our communities safer and more supportive for everyone.

“We can all start with prayer that leads to action.” 

You can read his full message at the

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