A Spark of Hope Part 3

A Spark of Hope Part 3

Sharing a Meal, Building a Foundation

Friar Michael Lasky brought his connections and experience from working for Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation. Friar Martin Kobos shared his knowledge of the community and surrounding areas, and recognized an opportunity in what was happening in nearby Mount Carmel. The other friars in the Mother Cabrini Friary responded with enthusiasm.

“Community life and community prayer is that which strengthens us to be able to go out and minister in the world.”

The friars host a dinner and FAR is born – the Faith Alliance for Revitalization. 

Following the dinner, people wanted to continue the conversation. What next?

Making connections with local and state officials, adding in the EPA: a three-day workshop is planned.

Will anyone come? How will the town respond?