Walking Together
Pope Francis at a wooden cross at the border between Mexico & the U.S. in Ciudad Juarez in 2016 (Photo by friar Charles McCarthy)

Walking Together

In his message for the 109th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (September 24, 2023), Pope Francis states that we must “be a community ready to welcome, protect, promote and integrate everyone, without distinctions and without excluding anyone.

“The synodal path that we have undertaken as a Church leads us to see in those who are most vulnerable – among whom are migrants and refugees – special companions on our way, to be lobed and cared for as brothers and sisters. Only by walking together will we be able to go far and reach the common goal of our journey.”

You can read the entire message at vatican.va


God, Father Almighty,
grant us the grace to work tirelessly
for justice, solidarity and peace,
so that all your children may enjoy
the freedom to choose whether to migrate or to stay.
Grant us the courage to denounce
all the horrors of our world,
and to combat every injustice
that mars the beauty of your children
and the harmony of our common home.
Sustain us by the power of your Spirit,
so that we can reflect your tender love
to every migrant whom you place in our path,
and to spread in hearts and in every situation
the culture of encounter and of care.