Laudato Si’ Table at the Franciscan Art Festival
Mural at Holy Cross Retreat Center, Mesilla Park, NM

Laudato Si’ Table at the Franciscan Art Festival

A group of people committed to the goals of Laudato Sí meets regularly at Holy Cross Retreat Center in Mesilla Park, New Mexico, to promote education, ecological conversion, and action on the goals of Pope Francis’ encyclical. In early September, the group had a table at the Franciscan Art Festival where they were able to speak with at least a thousand people about the goals.

As part of their outreach, they handed out cards with a photo of the new mural on one side and the Laudato Sí Goals outlined on the other. The mural, entitled “St. Francis of the Southwest,” shows St. Francis surrounded by 36 different creatures in a desert environment. It relates how we can care for all around us and live in peace.

Many of the attendees expressed that this was the first time they had seen the goals.

The goals include:

Response to the Cry of the Earth

  • Adopt renewable energy
  • Achieve carbon neutrality
  • Promote sustainable agriculture
  • Guarantee access to clean water for all

Response to the Cry of the Poor

  • Defend all life
  • Solidarity with Indigenous peoples and vulnerable groups

Ecological Economics

  • Advocate for sustainable development
  • Follow ethical investment guidelines
  • Divest from fossil fuels and any activity harmful to the planet and the people

Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles

  • Reduce waste; recycle
  • Adopt a more plant-based diet
  • Use more public transportation; walk; cycle
  • Avoid single use items (e.g. plastic)

Ecological Education

  • Ensure equitable access to education
  • Promote human rights
  • Foster Laudato Sí themes
  • Encourage ecological leadership and ecological restoration activities

Ecological Spirituality

  • Promote creation-based liturgical celebrations
  • Develop ecological retreats, formation programs, etc.

Community Resilience and Empowerment

  • Promote advocacy and developing people’s campaigns
  • Encourage ‘rootedness’ and a sense of belonging in communities and neighborhood ecosystems

Learn more about the Laudato Sí platform at laudatosiactionplatform