It’s Us > Can We
Weavings by friar Charles McCarthy - recently featured in an art show at the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts at Mount St. Francis, Indiana

It’s Us > Can We

It’s Us > Can We
it’s the face of seein’ that sees us
it’s the voice of hearin’ that speaks us
it’s the heart of bleedin’ that loves us
it’s the life of dyin’ that wakes us
it’s the one beside us that knows us
it’s the compass that’s been here that guides us
it’s the eye that tears us that heals us
it’s the hope within us that dares us
it’s the feet that walks us that takes us forward
it’s the past we honor that molds us
its the word that stands/under that discerns us
can we see us
can we voice us
can we mold us
can we live with us
can we be us
can we dare us to be

– friar Charles McCarthy OFM Conv.