Feast of the Mystery of Creation?

Feast of the Mystery of Creation?

In recent decades, the “Feast of Creation” celebrated on September 1 (also known as Creation Day or World Day of Prayer for Creation) has emerged as an important Christian celebration of Creation. Originally inspired by an ancient tradition of the Orthodox Church, nearly all major denominations now take part in the annual observance through countless ecumenical initiatives and prayers, celebrating God as Creator and the great mystery of the creation of the cosmos. 

On March 14-17, 2024, Friars Michael Lasky and Francesco Scialpi participated in a seminar in Assisi entitled “The Feast of Creation and the Mystery of Creation: Ecumenism, Theology, Liturgy, and the Signs of the Times in Dialogue.” The seminar explored the ecumenical journey of the way this feast has been celebrated until now, and it considered a proposal to “upgrade” the feast from its current “World Day of Prayer” status, by jointly instituting it as an official liturgical feast in the calendars of Western Churches.

The seminar’s numerous panelists―experts in theology and liturgy―included His Eminence Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the Most Reverend Rowan Williams Archbishop Emeritus of Canterbury, England [Anglican].

Because the proposal was met with great support, a follow-up conference is being planned for some time in November of 2024.

The seminar was sponsored by the World Council of Churches, the Anglican Communion, the World Communion of Reformed Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Methodist Council, and the Laudato Si’ Research Institute at Oxford University, England (an academic partner affiliated with the Society of Jesus). The seminar was locally co-hosted by the Laudato Si’ Center of Assisi and Pro Civitate Christiana (diocesan partners), in collaboration with “Assisi: Terra Laudato Si’” (of the Franciscan Family of Assisi).

-friar Michael Lasky OFM Conv.
General Delegate for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation