Harvesting Olives

As Minister General, St. Bonaventure (1257-1274) insisted that all friaries have orchards and vegetable gardens. The garden was a place where the sick could be refreshed, scholars could be reminded…

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Friar Peter Builds an Ark

(Many thanks to Elon University for permission to share this story.)Friar Peter Tremblay, Associate Chaplain for Catholic Life at Elon University, enjoys crafting beautiful objects through woodworking. He recently completed…

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In Praise of Winemaking

Franciscan Vintners Montefalco, Italy The hilltop town of Montefalco has always been closely associated with its neighbor, Assisi – a short distance north. As early as 1215, the friars had…

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Saint Marianne Cope

This is the 10-year anniversary of the canonization of Saint Marianne Cope, the first Franciscan woman from North America to be canonized, and the 11th American to be recognized as…

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The Knight of Lady Poverty

In the course of his life, Francis was alone, in deep thoughts, meditating,with multiple and profound questions that assailed his heart.He walked with leisurely steps contemplating the life around him,but…

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A Franciscan Lesson on Greed
Red Robin (Erithacus rubecula) birds close up in a forest

A Franciscan Lesson on Greed

It is always good and profitable to recall the wisdom of our forefathers. Our parents’ generation and older had sayings, pearls of wisdom, that helped us to do the right…

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