A Walk in Mary’s Garden
Visitation of the Virgin Mary, altarpiece in the Basilica of Saint Frediano, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

A Walk in Mary’s Garden

Friar Solanus Mary takes us on a short stroll through Mary's Garden.  Creation It’s a very Franciscan thing to look around at creation; to see the wondrous beauty of it…

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Easter Triduum

Why do we assemble on the day of the Lord? The primary celebration of Christians is their gathering on The Lord’s Day. It is the Day of Christ’s Resurrection on…

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Saint Francis and Holy Week

St. Francis experienced intensely the physical humanity of Jesus, especially during the days of Holy Week when Christ becomes present in the Eucharist and dies on the Cross. Friar Jude…

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The Pitfall of Envy

In the early days of my religious life, during our formation classes, we friars were taught about one of the predominant vices - and a constant pitfall - in religious…

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A Pilgrim on a Journey of Peace

Taking nothing for his journey except a passion to share the Good News of the Gospel, especially its message of peace, Franciscan Friar Ivan Rohloff’s 23 years of missionary service…

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Don’t Be Indifferent

Indifference is a terrible temptation, sometimes people just don't care. God's love for us should lead us to care for those around us. Here's a reflection for Lent from Friar…

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